Whole Skip Of Trash Collected At L-Ahrax Tal-Mellieha Over The Weekend

L-Ahrax Tal-Mellieha is a well known popular camping hub around Malta. Many take to the green and nature-full area to spend a few days of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the near-by urban towns.

Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise to us that ORCA Malta (Outdoor Recreation and Camping Association) found a lot of trash to pick up, on their mission to clean-up the area.

On a recent Facebook post, the organisation shares:

“We’ve just organised our first ever public cleanup at L-Ahrax tat-Tunnara as part of our Summer Starter Camping Weekend!
We’ve collected a whole skip full of trash, including things like car batteries, chairs, and a lot more stuff that just SHOULD NOT be in nature… 🔋💺🍾
We encourage everyone who goes camping to clean up after themselves, take your trash home with you (or throw it in a skip), and make sure to keep the area in a good state! 🌳”

They were not only joined by organisation volunteers, but also by members of the Mellieha Local Council, who also did their part in helping keep this gorgeous area clean.

I think what we love the most about this is that they managed to make the clean-up fun. It wasn’t just a “go and collect trash event” .. it was a whole weekend of camping, clean-up and BBQ.

Well done for taking the initiative and helping clean a beloved site to many clean. I think we can learn a thing or two from these guys!

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