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Who Was Paulina Dembska?


Paulina Dembska was a 29-year-old woman from Poland. She came to Malta to study and learn English in a language school.


Paulina loved cats. She was a cat feeder at Independence Garden in Sliema and spent most of her days taking care of them and looking after them.


Paulina Dembska was gruesomely murdered on the 2nd of January 2022.


“A lovely soul, a feeder who helped smaller four legged beings. It is time, gender based violence is given the importance that it is due. Rest well Paula, you suffered enough” – Association for Abandoned Animals.
Sliema murder: Victim identified; flowers laid on site - Newsbook
“Paulina Dembska
You were bright,
You were kind,
You were someone’s daughter,
Someone’s best friend,
You were an animal lover and a stray cat feeder in Malta.
Your heart was full of love” – Time For Change
No photo description available.
“No person should not get back home alive. Let’s honour her, let’s remember her, another victim of gender based violence” – Rosalind Agius
No photo description available.
Rest in peace Paulina!