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Who is Dr Victoria Buttigieg – Malta’s New Attorney General?


Dr Victoria Buttigieg will be the first woman to ever become Malta’s Attorney General. The Government of Malta made the announcement yesterday, through a Press Statement, where it was said that it had received the recommendation from an Independent Commission which was purposely set up for the selection process, following a public call for the post. The Commission was made up of three retired judges.

This is also the first appointment of a New Attorney General following a reform which was carried out in the Office, and which had seen Dr Buttigieg herself being appointed at the first-ever State Advocate.



Who is Dr Victoria Buttigieg?

Dr Buttigieg, aged 43, graduated from the University of Malta in 2001. She then pursued her studies by reading for a Masters in Financial Services.

In 2007, she started working within the Office of the Attorney General, where she was appointed Assistant Attorney General after gaining the necessary experience. Dr Buttigieg has worked extensively in the field of litigation, with her specialisations being in civil, administrative and constitutional law.

Dr Buttigieg has also represented the government in various meetings and international committees, and has contributed also to various projects relating to law reforms.



In the meantime, earlier today, the Office of the President of Malta has announced that it had received a letter from Dr Buttigieg notfying him that she will be assuming her new responsibilities as Attorney General from today, thus resigning from the post of State Advocate with immediate effect.

In the Government statement which was issued yesterday, the Government thanked Dr Peter Grech for the years of services, and congratulated Dr Buttigieg on her new role.