White Storks Spotted Chilling on Malta’s Church Tops

How many of us believed, at one point or another, that babies are delivered to your parents’ doorstep by a stork? Well, it seems like some families have obtained a new family member, as a flock of rare white storks have been spotted in Malta, travelling from one village to another, and taking refuge on church tops.

BirdLife Malta have been reporting on the stork’s sightings.

“The flock of eight White Storks (originally nine) which have been flying around our islands are probably a mix of adult and juveniles and all are probably originating from Bavaria in Germany. Stork pairs are known to mate for life, and family groups stick together throughout migration, with juveniles learning the best migratory routes from adults.

Over the past nights, these storks have been adorning various church tops and high buildings, looking for the safety of high undisturbed places to spend the night at.”

And it seems like they’ve been here for a couple of nights now.

“Three of them yesterday were observed alighting on the steeple of St. Theresa’s Church in Birkirkara where they spent the night. At one point another stork tried to settle near them, but decided to leave after several unsuccessful attempts. One of the birds appears to be ringed.

The flock of eight White Storks was again observed this morning. Unfortunately two of them have been noticed suffering from gunshot injuries – one of the storks has a slightly dangling leg whilst another has blood stains on its belly, leg and tail feathers. While weather conditions in the coming days are not favourable, it is hoped that these beautiful birds will still continue safely on their migration journeys.”

Anyone who encounters wild birds of any kind are encouraged to contact BirdLife on 79255697.

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