Which of these Maltese mothers is your mama?

maltese mother main image

All mothers have a special place in our hearts, but when it comes to mums with character, we have to admit, Maltese mothers simply out-do themselves.

Here are 10 types of mothers you’ll find roaming around in Malta.

1. The fashionista ma

This one has no trouble sharing her opinion about your outfit choices. Whether you’re wearing something that makes you look slightly fatter than you actually are, your skirt is too short, your shirt is buttoned way too low or way too high, or simply doesn’t suit you in her eyes – her reply is one and the same: “Emm x’int liebes/sa?? Mur neħħi min hemm!”

2. The ma who spoils you

There’s a home cooked meal waiting for you whenever you get home, and lunch to take to work with you the next day. Your room is always clean thanks to her and she never lets you lift a finger. You’ll want for nothing while she’s around and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. The weight-watcher ma

The ma that gives you a reality check way quicker than any scale ever did or can provide. Now mothers have a magical way of subtly letting you know that you’ve gained some weight … you know, like preparing you healthier meals, asking whether you feel like going for a walk and the good old: “ommi kemm ħxint, għandek bżonn tibda id-dieta marelli, wiccek qisu taġen!”

4. The mother who’s both your ma and pa

She’s done a hell of a fantastic job raising you all by herself and you’re super grateful towards every single sacrifice she’s made to give you the best life possible. She’s your hero, your inspiration and your number one. The love you have for her is never-ending.

5. The MILF

Like fine wine, this one only gets better with age. She doesn’t look old enough to be your mother, even though she is, and whenever you introduce her to any of your friends, you always get the same reaction: “Ilallu kemm hi mazza maaan, MILF e ommok hehe!”

6. The therapist ma

This Maltese mother is your number one confidant and the first person you speak to when something’s up. She gives you the best advice you’ll ever find based on her own experiences and checks up on you throughout your day to check that you’re ok.

7. The mother who’s everyone’s ma

She’s not only a mother to you, but also to all your friends. Her door is always open to whoever needs it and everyone simply loves her. Her acts of kindness normally put her in the funniest of situations, but you just wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. The momager

A Kris Jenner in the making. You wouldn’t be where you are now in your career without her help. She’s been keeping an eye out on every competition you can enter, snapping the perfect shots for you to put up on Instagram and helping you follow your dreams.

9. The overprotective mother

Every time you’re about to leave the house, this Maltese mother bombards you with a million questions: “Fejn sejra, x’ħa taghmel, ma min, ara oqgħod/a attenta ta, ejja ajdli x’ħin tkun wasalt u ibatli jekk jinqala xi haga!” You might be sitting on the sofa, relaxing your day away, and she’ll still find something to worry about: “X’għandek għid? Qed narak tieħu n-nifs qawwi hekk, isek għandek id-dwejjaq!”

All mothers worry, but this one doesn’t even remotely try to suppress her concern.

10. The furry friend’s ma

Whether she actually has kids of her own is irrelevant; all you know is that the pet in the house is her baby. You’ve found yourself questioning whether she loves the pet more than she loves you, but since she’ll never openly admit it, guess you’ll never know.

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