Malta ‘will soon be THREE months without heavy rain’

Malta has gone almost three months without any heavy rain, weather experts have claimed.

Forecasters issued the warning with another dry week expected across the Maltese Islands.

They said the unseasonably mild winter would continue into February.

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said it would ‘soon be three months’ since the last decent downpour when 10mm of rain fell on Malta and Gozo in a single day.

He added: ‘This week will be off to a sunny start, with long hours of uninterrupted bright sunshine.

‘Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see a mix of clouds and sun.

‘The weekend will then be marked by more cloudy weather but all in all we’re in for another dry week.

‘Temperatures will remain stable throughout the week with highs of 17°C . That’s much warmer than the average for this time of year.’


The current warm spell in Malta is brilliant news for sun-starved tourists from the UK, France and Germany.

Thousands have been spotted sunbathing on Malta’s beaches and even swimming in the sea at Riviera Bay, Golden Bay and Ramla Bay.

But Maltese farmers, gardeners and others are crying out for rain.

Last weekend, Malta was officially the warmest place in Europe, with temperatures reaching 19.2°C in Luqa on Sunday.

Forecaster Samuel Cutajar from It-Temp Madwarna said: ‘That’s almost 5°C warmer than average for the end of January in Malta.’

Meanwhile, Malta Weather on Facebook warned: ‘The drought is set to continue over the next 10 days across Malta and Gozo with very little rain, if any.’

The Met Office said the coldest January day ever recorded in Malta was back in 1981 when temperatures plunged to an astonishing 1.4°C.

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