When are the next public holidays in Malta this year?

The Easter holidays are over, spring has arrived and it looks like we’re set for a sizzling summer in Malta and Gozo.

But if you feel you could do with another day off, there’s some good news.

We still have the majority of our public holidays left to look forward to.

In fact, Malta has some of the most national holidays in Europe, with 14 days off a year.

In comparison, Britain has 10 while Lithuania has the least number of holidays in the EU with only nine.

So if you feel like some more time off, or are wondering when to book a weekend getaway, here is a list of the remaining national holidays in Malta in 2019.



Malta public holidays in 2019

  • 1 May – May Day
  • 7 June – Sette Giugno
  • 29 June – Feast of St Peter and St Paul
  • 15 August – Feast of the Assumption
  • 8 September – Victory Day
  • 21 September – Independence Day
  • 8 December – Immaculate Conception
  • 13 December – Republic Day
  • 25 December – Christmas Day