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WhatsApp Introduces A Much-Needed New Feature!


The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, is launching a “Disappearing Message” feature, which would enable users to send messages – both individually and in a group chat – that will disappear automatically after 7 days.

To turn the feature on, simply go onto your WhatsApp account, press on the desired contact’s name, and then select “Disappearing Messages”. If prompted, hit “continue” and then “on” (and vice versa should you want to disable the feature). Turning on this setting does not affect any previously sent or received messages.


WhatsApp now lets you make messages disappear automatically. Here's how to activate it


With that said, both users must have their “Disappearing Message” feature on – otherwise, the message will not disappear if it lands in a chat where the feature is disabled. And if a user has their auto-download on, then disappearing messages that include files such as images or videos can still be found on the backup folder found on your phone.



Out of sheer precaution, WhatsApp advises its users to only use this feature with trusted individuals, as these messages can still be forwarded, screenshotted, taken a photo of, etc. A further in-depth guide on the new feature and how to use it can be found on the FAQ section of the WhatsApp website.

Whilst the exact release date is currently unknown, Metro reported that it could be hitting our phones ‘in the next few weeks’.