What your cup of tea says about you


No matter if you drink one cup a day, or a cup every half hour, we can all agree … tea is life. As an avid tea drinker myself, I can tell a lot about a person according to how they drink their tea … a lot.

Here’s what the way you take your tea says about you.

Te fit-tazza

You’re as Maltese as they get. You can’t help but look down on those who drink their tea from a mug.

Milky tea with no sugar

You are the posh spice of tea; tea royalty, if you may.

Milky tea with sugar

Ya nasty. Might as well ditch the tea and go straight for the biscuit, then dunk it in water … it’ll probably taste better.

Strong with milk

Or as we say in Maltese … kark. You are the poster child of tea drinkers. The tea drinking community looks up at you in awe because you make the best kind of cuppa. Don’t expect to be in their good books if you don’t like tea (the writer of this article may or may not take her tea like this).

Flavoured tea

You’re a free soul who doesn’t give a care in the world, especially when it comes to how your tea tastes, because your tea tastes like anything but tea.

Black with no sugar

You should probably go to the doctor, because there’s something wrong with your taste buds.

Black with sugar

You’re a coffee lover in disguise … a social-tea drinker who drinks tea to please those around you. As soon as you get home, first thing you do is brew a cup of coffee to wash the taste of tea out of your mouth.

Weak, with little milk

Hello … this is your intervention. You need to stop drinking tea that looks like dirty water.

Doesn’t like tea

Never trust a person who tells you they don’t like tea.

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