What Went Down At The Bay Squid Games


Arguably Bay’s most epic challenge yet – the Bay Squid Games – has officially come to an end, where only one winner went home with 1000 euros in cash.



From a legitimate red light green light game, a round of tug of war, and musical chairs, to the classic sugar honeycomb challenge and a nostalgic game of Pasju, 50 players competed in 6 epic games of skill and endurance for a chance to win a major cash prize.



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The games kicked off sticking true to the series, with a steady game of Red Light Green Light. Although the players knew what to expect, the first round still knocked out a few contenders, leaving 44 finalists to move on to the second game.



As players split themselves into teams, they headed for a game of tug of war where 20 members in total from each losing team were eliminated. The last 14 players were then determined by playing a classic game of musical chairs.


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In a race against time, the players then partook in an authentic honeycomb cookie game, where they only had 10 minutes to remove the shape in front of them from the sticky honeycomb. With the timer still ticking in the following game, 13 participants had to make it to the other side of the bridge before passing for the final round… a traditional game of Pasju, which could only see 1 winner.



Kayleigh Desira was crowned the winner of the Bay Squid Games. In the meantime, make sure to keep your eyes peeled next week for a video recap of today’s epic games.


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Thank you to all of those who attended the Bay Squid Games!