“What Started As A One-Off Collaboration, Will Now Be Continuing, With Our Next Release Already in Mind” – MTeam on Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


Earlier this week, Jake had Mr M and Micimago live during Malta’s Top 10. M Team is made up of Matthew James, Micimago – this year’s Best Dance Bay Music Award Winner, Mr M and Kugene – four established artists who are already seen as the new generation of Maltese Music.

Asked how the collaboration came about, Mr M said that he got in touch with Micimago for a possible collabaration – Micimago was in touch with Matthew James for another collaboration. All this led to one massive collaboration, roping in Kugene – to produce 1991 – which was at the top of Malta’s Top 10 for weeks on end!



Jake asked the boys whether 1991 was a one-off collaboration. It turns out that in fact, it was, as Micimago explained. This soon changed following the incredible feedback and response which was received from everywhere for this tune, which here at Bay we labeled as the Summer2020 tune. Micimago also said that they are already working on their latest release, and they said that they are also looking at possible collaborations with other singers who will become the fifth member of MTeam for a particular release!

Mr M said that he looks forward to the day when producers and singers meet halfway in the song process, creating this sort of a hybrid to eventually come out with a great final product, which would be the fruit of effective collaboration, which is how MTeam came to be.

Micimago also said that MTeam got together just before the pandemic started, and the song was produced in isolation, as was the music video.

Be sure to keep listening to Bay and Malta’s Top 10, for the latest news from the local music scene, including MTeam’s next release!



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