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What January looks like for a UOM student

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 1st of January, many of us wave goodbye to open bars, parties and clubbing and pretty much any other form of contact with the outside world. Why? Because January brings with it the most dreaded thing of all times – UNI EXAMS!

Now, I might not be studying for my uni exams this year (THANK THE LORD JESUS! – sorry uni students) BUT I do remember my time there. Here are 7 things that can easily resemble a typical day in January for a UOM student.

Stocking up on a lifetime supply of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Since you’re probably at home all day studying, you would need something to keep those energy levels high so supply and consumption of these beverages are HIGHLY important.

Creating a countdown on Insta Stories to see how many days, hours and minutes are left to finish exams.

This is normally calculated to the nearest second. For instance, as from today I have 15 days 22 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds to escape from this hell I am living in and smell the fresh air once more!

Highlighting everything.

This is too familiar with students. You know you’re supposed to highlight the important stuff and key words, but you end up highlighting everything just to make sure you’ve covered all the necessary information.

Your view is pretty much papers, highlighters and books – all day, every day.

It sucks, I know sister. But you must accept the fact that this is your life for the next couple of days.

You don’t remember how you look with makeup on.

I remember I used to stay in my pyjamas all day with my hair up and no makeup,

Now this is when it hits you. The extreme of your sorry state right now. You actually get excited about the fact that going to the exam is giving you the opportunity to put some make-up on and look semi-decent, if only to cover the fact that you haven’t slept in a week.

The dilemma of not eating too much to keep the 2020 resolution vs eating whatever you see in front of you since you’re stressed.

It’s okay we’ll workout on February 1st and 2020 resolutions can start then.

Using your mobile as a form of procrastination.

This was my biggest weak point. I used to grab my phone, start scrolling on Instagram and Facebook, read some Bay articles… next thing I knew, two hours have gone by and I have accomplished nothing.

Deep down I knew I would be wasting time when I should be studying, yet I tortured myself anyway.

Here at Bay, we want to wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exams and we’re sure you’ll ace them. Just drink that cup of coffee, pull off some all nighters and you’ll be walking that stage with a degree in your hand sooner than you think – Good luck!