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What do you miss about your childhood in Malta?

Remember those long, hot summer days at the beach followed by a quick dash to the nearest corner shop to stock up on your favourite sweets?

Whether you loved playing skipping in Malta’s streets or having water fights with your friends, there are certain things we all miss about growing up in ‘the old Malta’.

Now, a man’s appeal for a return to traditional Maltese values has gone viral on social media.

Daniel Patrick from London wrote how he loved ‘the old Malta’.

He then listed what he missed about the island, including the Azure Window, Maltese currency and even Air Malta’s original branding.

Daniel took to Facebook to air his views.

He said: ‘Why couldn’t we keep our own Maltese lira?

‘Why couldn’t Air Malta keep their own livery for their aircraft? What has Paceville become?

‘Where is ‘Bieb il-Belt’ and ‘Teatru l-Antik’? What has Comino become? Where is ‘It-Tieqa tad-Dwejra’?

‘We have came to a point where we have lost nearly everything!

‘I wish if I could close my eyes and bring everything back. I miss Malta.’

Some Facebook users agreed with his sentiments.

One wrote: ‘I just loved the old Malta. Yes, I accept my wage was much less than I had but the quality of life was much better.

Another said: ‘I think going back to traditional values is the way. Children just playing together outside and community spirit. Helping each other. Give me the old days anytime.’

A third added: ‘I miss my childhood playing in the streets. Children don’t do that now.’

But not everyone agreed – with some Facebook users poking fun at the original post.

One man wrote: ‘Where have the Phoenicians gone? And the Knights of St John? How I miss the Grandmaster.’

Another commented: ‘Give me back my pounds shillings and pence! Why did we have to abandon that currency for a stupid decimal system!’

One woman added: ‘I don’t miss having to go abroad to buy a Mars bar. I also don’t miss having to wake up at 4am to buy potatoes or bread because of strikes.’

Another commented sarcastically: ‘I remember when there was no Planning Authority and I helped my father and brothers and cousins and second cousins building the Ħaġar Qim Temple. Those were the days!’

Photos: Bank of Valletta