What Can We Expect On the Malta’s Got Talent Stage This Week!


There’s no denying! The buzz around Malta’s Got Talent is real! The judges have been known for a while, Daniel & Ylenia even had the chance to speak to Sara Zerafa when the announcement was out, and we all know that auditions were held, using the tightest health mitigation measures possible to guarantee maximum safety.

Now we are just eager for one thing…Sunday Evening, as that is when we will get to see the first Auditions on the MGT Stage. Eagle-eyed viewers of Yesterday’s TVM News could spot a few hints as to what we can expect to hit our screens!



Let’s face it! When it comes to these type of programmes, people automatically assume that it will be just singers or, as many tend to refer to it, “another version of X Factor.” Well, while this might be true for some, what we saw yesterday and what we have also seen on social media, definitely proves it is a very wrong assumption – even I am surprised at the amount of talent there is!




There will DEFINITELY be dance groups. This isn’t exactly the biggest surprise, however we WILL be surprised when we see unconventional dancing styles, which will definitely be Monday’s office-talk! There will definitely be a mix of solo-acts and whole groups, even if I just go by what I had on my Facebook feed.




What is a talent show without “naqra magics”? We have our fair share of Magicians in Malta, and there might be some who will charm us with an enchanting performance and will have us wondering how would they have manage to pull the trick off. Interactive TV will come in handy for sure.

I’m a stifler for some magic, so this is one kind of talent which I am definitely looking forward to!





Now this caught my eye during the Audition process, as I saw an I’m A Participant Post, on a drifting page. Could this be a combination of stunts, precision driving and drifts. Either way, how can a car fit on a stage? Will we get to see outdoor auditions? We need answers please!




There are other types of talent which we will definitely see on Sunday. There will be a fire artist for sure, and we might be wrong, but our favourite fireworks beat-boxer might be making an appearance.



One thing is for sure, Malta’s Got Talent promises to deliver on talent, emotions (as we could already spot a tear here and there), laughter, which is guaranteed with Ray on the Judging Panel, and one fantastic Sunday evening!

One question only remains. Are we ready to discover Malta’s Diamonds in the Rough? Oh Yes We Are!