Avocado Floats: the next big Maltese summer trend?

avocado floats

Every year, our feeds are flooded with unicorns, flamingos, fruit and doughnut floats.

This year? Get ready for some next level stuff, cos this year the float gods have outdone themselves.

We present to you the next big summer trend of 2019: the avocado floats!

Best part of all this? The pit can be removed and doubles up as a beach ball.

All our avocado loving, guacamole eating dreams have finally come true!

Let’s be real. The likelihood that you’re going to be playing beach volleyball while you’re chilling on your avocado float is pretty low… but it’s still great to have the option right?

We really didn’t know how much we needed this in our lives guys.

This is probably as close as you’ll ever get to becoming your favourite snack: guacamole.

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