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20 vintage pictures of Malta heatwaves over the last century

Summer heatwaves in Malta mean sun, sea, sand and soaring temperatures.

And it appears it has always been that way, as these nostalgic pictures from the award-winning Bay Retro archives show Malta’s love of the beach when the mercury levels rocket.

The striking images features sun lovers playing by the shore from the early 1910s right through to the 1980s.

It seems everyone enjoys the simple pleasures of sitting on the beach, building sandcastles and going for a paddle in the Mediterranean Sea when the weather is extra hot.

But how did people in Malta handle heatwaves in years passed? Turns out, much like we do today.

1. Gnejna Bay in 1912

2. Golden Bay in 1962

3. Mellieha Bay in 1967

4. Pretty Bay in the 1960s

5. Marsalforn in the 1950s

6. Balluta Bay in the 1930s

7. Armier Bay in the 1960s

8. Birzebbuga in the 1960s

9. Comino in the 1960s

10. Mellieha Bay in the 1950s

11. St Paul’s Bay in the 1960s

12. Paradise Bay in the 1970s

13. Bugibba in the 1980s

14. Riviera Bay in the 1950s

15. Golden Bay in the 1960s

16. Marsalforn in the 1980s

17. Mellieha Bay in the 1920s

18. Sliema in the 1970s

19. Riviera Bay in 1959

20. Tigne Beach in Sliema in 1955