We’re Welcoming The First Week Of August With The Hottest Temperatures Of 2020

If you thought July was a hot one …buckle up, cos it’s about to get worse. A high-temperature weather warning was posted by the Facebook page ‘Saħħa’ a few days ago, warning us of temperatures soaring up to and over 40 degrees.

“In light of the forecasted high temperatures in the coming days, the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate is advising the general public to drink plenty of fresh water to prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion, or possible sunstrokes,” the post reads.

Popular Facebook Page Malta Weather also posted about the upcoming hot weather, saying:

“TAKE CARE! VERY HOT weather ahead! 😱😎🌞🏖🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️😍🌡🥵 The coming days are set to be the HOTTEST so far this year across Malta and Gozo with temperatures expected to feel as HOT as 42°C at times till at least the first week of AUGUST!.”

Grab your hand fan, fuel up your car, and ready – the heat is here.

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