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Well-Earned Break for Our Unsung Heroes at the Emergency Department


Most of our unsung heroes, our doctors, our nurses, and other healthcare professionals have taken the hardest decision ever during the COVID-19 Outbreak –  and that is, deciding to live in alternative accomodation to not place their families at risk of transmission.

Whilst doing so they have had to also say goodbye to their beloved pets – and let’s face it, many times, after a day’s work, all anyone would be looking forward is that extra long hug with their dog or their cat.

Although absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is still an absence. This week, The Maltese Emergency Nurses’ Association in collaboration with the Mater Dei Hospital Management and the Emergency Department’s Management Team, organised a Canine Week held at the Emergency Department’s Zen Area.


As the association said on their facebook page, in all the madness that this outbreak is bringing with it, these cuddles with our favourite four-legged friends ever, were surely appreciated and boosted everyone’s morale!



From our end, there is no better way to thank them, and all the frontliners for all their efforts, for their sacrifices, for their hard work, and for ensuring that we all remain safe – but let us not forget that we also have to do our bit.

In the meantime, don’t forget about this cute initiative over this weekend, so that we can all give our heart to all the frontliners.