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‘We thought it was a bomb’: Shock after gas blast in Attard

Residents have been speaking of their shock after a gas explosion in a street in Attard.

Neighbours in Znuber Street have told 89.7 Bay they thought a bomb had gone off when a gas cyclinder left on a porch suddenly exploded.

Malta Police said they were alerted at around 10.45pm on Thursday night

One resident, Janine, said: ‘The explosion was ridiculously loud, I’ve never heard anything like it.

‘Our whole flat shook. It felt like it was right on our balcony.

‘We got up to look outside the balcony and just saw loads of smoke and the car alarms in the street were going off.’

She added: ‘Someone shouted out that it was a bomb so we ran back inside worrying another was going to go off.

‘It was very sudden and very frightening. I’ve never experienced such a loud explosion my life before.

We ran downstairs and found all the walls of the common area completely destroyed, with glass and pieces of metal everywhere…

‘There was a really strong smell of gas.’

Police arrived at the scene within minutes and urged residents to evacuate their homes as a safety precaution.

Janine added: ‘No one was allowed back inside for a good while.

‘We then found out that the gas cylinder on the ground floor had been leaking for a couple of days. Some neighbours even reported it.

‘Apparently the gas people came to check it just a day before and said it was ok.’

Members of the Civil Protection Department and a medical team from Mater Dei Hospital went on site to assist.

Nobody was injured.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke is leading an inquiry.