We Sat Down with our 5th Judge for This Week’s MGT Semi-Final Roundup!


After a rather controversial episode, we’re back for another, much tamer, semi-final. As always, I’m here to let you know everything important that happened.

We started off the show by awkwardly interrupting Maxine’s wedding dress fitting.


Gordon ditched last week’s Robin Hood cosplay for this week’s Russian soldier costume.


Concept of Movement convinced us that they are actually synchronised robots disguised as humans.


Since we all had to skip our basic London trips this year, Jan brought the West End to us.


Once again, Team Maximum Lock impressed us with their incredible parking talent.


They did some other stunts too but THIS WAS JUST SHOWING OFF COME ON.



Michele channelled his inner TikTok eboy.



Billie Eilish, all-black outfit, chains, … did we switch halfway to my For You page?


Ria reminded us on several occasions that she doesn’t have a single joint in her body.


Emma had this week’s young singer-songwriter performing their own song in a Disney Channel movie moment.


Andrea reminded us that a Mulan movie actually came out this year.


Maxine roasted Mario Morales saying the projection behind him looked like something out of BabyTV and we can’t unsee it now.


Morgan impressed us with his performance of like five different talents.

Magician, guitarist, comedian, fire playlist maker … the list just goes on!



And Jomike and Lydon gave the final performance of the night, with a sadly topical song … but this line pretty much sums up this whole year.

Then we finished off with the voting results, with Concept of Movement and Jomike and Lydon coming in the top two and going straight to the final, and the judges conveniently tying votes for Ria and Emma, so we then found out that Ria would be the third finalist from the votes….deep down we are still Emma-Fans though!

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