We ran Maltese celebs through the FaceApp and the results are just …

FaceApp’s new old age filter has taken over the internet and it’s absolutely hilarious.

We thought we’d grab some Maltese celebs, and see how they look with a few years added to them. Check them out.

Ira Losco will be your typical Maltese nanna singing ‘Hey Now’

Ira Losco

She even looks amazing at the age of 70.

Gaia Cauchi is going to be the most glamorous nanna on the face of the island

Gaia Cauchi

She doesn’t even look that old!

The app hasn’t been to kind to Joseph Muscat

joseph muscat

made us laugh though.

Adrian Delia looks more like Fenech Adami

adrian delia

it’s uncanny.

Alexandra Alden, will the sacrilege still go on at that age?

Alexandra alden


Sarah Zerafa will still rock the modelling career at the tender age of 70

Sarah Zerafa

and her Insta photos will still be as jaw-dropping as ever!

Owen Leuellen is the coolest Maltese nannu ever

Owen Leuellen

Probably rapping his day away fuq iz-zuntier tal-knisja.

Muxu low-key looks the same


I mean… Muxu is lookin fineeee!

Looks like the Easy Life took a toll on Peter …

peter easylife

Maybe he should try some of the stuff he sells.

Pawla ta’ Liquorish looks exactly the same …

pawla liquorish

But we’re pretty sure she’d still crack us up no matter what the age.

Mario Morales, will you still be selling Christmas Trees at this age?

Mario Morales

or maybe you’ll actually take a break in August for once.