WE NEED YOUR HELP! – The Search Is On for Ella Eyre’s Cousins!

Those of you who listened to Daniel & Ylenia on Bay Breakfast this morning, will know that one of the things which was discussed is Ella Eyre’s Maltese Descendancy. Basically, Daniel once again appealed to Ella Eyre’s cousins to make themselves know to us here at Bay so that we can get to meet them!

In case you are reading this, thinking that you are not reading correctly –  Eyre was born on 1 April 1994 and was raised in Ealing, west London. Her father was Jamaican, and her mother is Maltese. Her father was a chef, and her mother is a cake designer. Eyre trained as a competitive swimmer before she began singing professionally. 



What we ask from you is one simple thing – if you are reading this and you are related to Ella Eyre, or if you are reading this and you know someone who is related to her – make yourself known to us by either sending us an email, or a Facebook message!


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