“We Miss The Studio And Spending Time With Our Clients, It’s Our Home Away From Home!”

While nail artists, hairdressers and beauticians have been given the go ahead to re-open and have now been up and running for at least a week, tattoists in Malta are still unsure as to when their rime to re-open will come.

We caught up with Kim, an amazingly talented tattoo artist, working at Modern Tribe Tattoo Studio, to ask her about the way forward as a tattoo artist in Malta amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It has completely halted our lives and business for the past 2 and a half months. We have tried to keep our spirits up amidst the anxiety and still engage with our clientelle , either by selling selling T shirts and making new custom prints or having time to experiment with new art forms and things we didn’t have time for before.

“Spending time with family and loved ones (when possible) has also been a blessing as we usually lead quite a fast paced life.

But even through measures will be rolled out to ensure everyone’s safety, Kim explains that because of the nature of their work, they were already implementing some of the “new rules” that they will need to follow.

“Before the Pandemic we already had set a standard of cleanliness that included sterilizing every surface involved in the process, and limiting the amount of people that can accompany someone for a tattoo.

“Our studios have always been up to the highest standards of cleanliness down to the fact that we could be dealing with multiple forms of blood-borne illnesses way before COVID had ever entered our life, so it’s something we were always prepared for.

“As it stands, tensions are very high, which is completely understandable. We still have loans, rent and other bills to pay and everything feels like it’s piling up the longer we are left out of work.

“However we must also remember that our country still isn’t in the clear just yet. Some of us in our studio happen to be vulnerable people or live with the vulnerable. So it’s a matter of seeing what is more ‘important’ during a time like this.

“While our shop is always cleaned and prepped for the next client, there is still a risk to us and our families working in such close proximity to a person.

“So far we haven’t heard what our new regulations are so we’re not able to prepare more than we would normally. We’ve been discussing best practices to make sure everyone in the situation is as safe as possible. However we’ll be ordering more gloves and masks as we had donated ours to the hospital when this pandemic started!

To be honest, we are super looking forward to finally being able to work, tattoo and pierce again. We miss being in the studio and spending time with our clients, it’s our home away from home, but all in due time!