We Have Been Using The Chopping Board Wrong Our Entire Life


The creators of chopping boards thought it would be self-explanatory to place a hole at the end of the board, right? Wrong!


Years later, it has been the topic of controversy after one TikToker claimed that we have been using it wrong this entire time.


Apparently what many people have thought to be and used it as a handle for the chopping board, isn’t actually a handle at all.



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The TikToker revealed that the purpose of the cut-out was to use it as a hole to push chopped up food through.



In the meantime, this video has received tons of reactions and has blown people’s minds with some saying: ‘I am 20 and this is news to me’.


When you think about it all starts making sense as there is definitely less risk of throwing your freshly sliced onions onto the floor.



However not everyone was convinced by her reveal and some kept insisting that it is just a handle while another wrote, ‘That is not what it is for, but okay you live your extra life.’



Some even commented that it doesn’t actually hold up in real life as when tried and tested, their chopped veg went straight over the hole and onto the floor.


Whether you are on board with this or not, it is the latest addition to the long list of kitchen hacks on TikTok which questions everything they thought they knew about cooking.

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