We gave Malta’s Euro coins a makeover and they look so good?!?!

New malta euro coins

Malta’s two euro coin is getting a face lift, and Ta’ Hagrat Temples will now be on the back of the coin.

So we thought we’d give our Euro coins a bit of a makeover, with what we feel would look real good on them.

The Maltese Cross

Given that the 2 euro is now getting a makeover and removing this important emblem from the Maltese euro coin collection, we thought we’d re-purpose it and place it on the 1c coin.

Bieb il-Belt

Basking in the glory that it enjoyed decades ago. And while we’re pretty sure that you remember it in Valletta, given that it’s only changed a few years ago, there will be a time where all we’d have left is the photo behind this 2c coin.


It’s the first thing we expect tourists to try and it’s one of Malta’s favourite snacks. If you ask us, pastizzi deserve a place on our 5c coins.

Traditional Maltese Buses

Now this would look absolutely amazing if we could add a touch of orange colour to it, but even as is, the traditional Maltese bus on the back of a 10c coin looks stunning doesn’t it?

The Azure Window

The fact that the Azure Window is no longer standing gives us all the more reason to pop it onto our 20c coins.


Putting fireworks on a 50c coin definitely won’t do them justice, but considering how much dedication goes into festas and making sure all firework preparations run smoothly, they deserve some recognition, don’t they?

Maltese Luzzu

Call it our own little lucky coin with the protective eye to ward off any danger from whoever possesses the €1 coin.

Now that’s a lovely way of spreading the luck isn’t it?

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