We bet you never noticed this reference to Malta in Mean Girls …

The day was October 3rd… Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was while wearing a t-shirt with a MALTESE CROSS PLASTERED OVER IT.

Sorry, it’s just so exciting when we find these subtle Malta references in movies that have basically made Pop Culture, like Mean Girls. And I am so disappointed in myself for not realising this sooner? I mean, I must’ve watched it around 20 times by now to be honest.

What’s that? You missed it? Don’t worry, here it is … on loop.

Maybe we were busy memorising the jingle bell rock dance. Or telling our crush that their hair looks sexy pushed back. Trying to make fetch happen or cheering on anyone who got anything in fours. Telling people how they absolutely cannot sit with us … or making sure our outfits had a tinge of pink every Wednesday.

Whatever the reason, how could we have missed this!?!? I mean, when one movie has so many iconic moments that even after watching it a hundred times, you’ll still find a new catch phrase to incorporate into your lingo …

Why is Aaron wearing a t-shirt with an 8-pointed Maltese cross? We have no idea, but it made our little Maltese hearts oh so happy.

Petition to make October 3rd national Maltese cross celebration day? Anyone? No? Just me? Ok then… moving on.

(Before you all get your panties into a bunch, yes I know that the cross is actually the symbol for the eight languages of the Knights Hospitallers, but just let me have this one will you?)

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