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WATCH: YouTube Creates World’s First ‘Infinite’ Video with Billie Eilish Covers


To celebrate 1 billion YouTube views of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” YouTube and Google Creative Lab have come together for an experiment, calling it the world’s first ‘infinite’ video, which has different versions of the song.

‘Bad Guy’ had become quite a sensation when it was released, and as happens, with any release which becomes a sensation, many people around the world have performed their own versions of the popular song – and this infinite video puts them all together in one massive loop.



YouTube and Google Creative Lab have turned all of those covers into an interactive AI experiment, called “Infinite Bad Guy,” which YouTube described as “the world’s first infinite music video.”

The loop has every single cover imaginable, under the sun, from ballet performance, jazz versions, saxophone and sitar versions, choir, to mention but a few! Even TikTok videos which are made to recreate the song using ordinary household sounds have been used.

Using AI technology you can become the perfect DJ, choosing styles, and videos as you go along!

Watch it here!



You can also try it out for yourself by CLICKING HERE