WATCH: Your Self-Isolation Home Videos Can Make it Onto a Documentary!


Motion Blur, a local Production Company has embarked on a project to produce a documentary about the COVID-19 Outbreak and how this has affected us all.

“We want to create a documentary, showing daily life in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Everybody can send their videos. We will connect the dots and edit a documentary which aims to create a bigger picture,” the Producers said.

Entitled “The Year Earth Stood Still”, this will be a collaborative documentary project. Every person who has found their lives affected by the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic is invited to send in videos about their situation.

The filmmakers behind The Year Earth Stood Still, are then editing these videos into short themed documentaries as well as a full length documentary over time.


Tell us YOUR story. Send us a video and we'll share your

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“Our aim is to create a more honest, in depth view of the situation and of how it affects every one of us in different ways. So if you are reading this, you are invited to send us a video about your situation, and your life,” the producers said, adding that they want to tell the story of the year when the earth stood still. The story of when every life was changed irreversibly, uprooted, unsettled. The story of your fear, your losses, your grief. The story of hope and perseverance.



But, what should I film?

You can film yourself, and when doing so you can answer one basic question – “What is happening in your life since Covid-19 crashed into it?”

You can film yourself, as you speak about all the things that have changed, about your feelings, your day to day, etc. You can film things that happen around you.



Here are some questions to guide your content. How are you feeling? How did this situation change your life? What is the biggest change in your life since the covid-19 pandemic has impacted it? What does your day to day life look like right now, as opposed to how it was before? What are your biggest fears? What are your biggest hopes? What are your biggest struggles? What do you miss most? How do you think the situation will continue? How do you think your life will be changed in the long run? How do you think the world will be changed in the long run?\

Motion Blur aim to eventually release this documentary internationally, launching it at various festivals.

More information about this project can be found HERE.


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