WATCH: “Your Donation on Sunday, Will Mean The World to Others” – Mrs Miriam Vella, First Lady


As the final preparations are underway for this Sunday’s Telethon in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, Bay News sat down with First Lady Mrs Miriam Vella for a little chat about how this Telethon came to be, and why it is being held.



Mrs Vella told us that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the fundraising of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation “as the large events such as Rockestra could not be organised, and we still are unsure on whether the Fun Run can be held. These are two of the events which used to generate a substantial amount of funds for the Foundation.”


Last Year’s Fun Run, as always, drew in the crowds who all donate €10 to participate (Photo: IRIS)

Apart from these events, Mrs Vella told Bay, businesses who were also affected by the pandemic, in that their operations had to stop for more than three month, did not organise their own fundraising or CSR activities.



We asked Mrs Vella whether they noticed a change in the frequency of the requests for assistance. Mrs Vella in fact told us that they remained as they were before the pandemic, and in some cases, she said, they have increased.

“For example, those requesting assistance in the form of food vouchers, increased during the pandemic, since most of them ended up not working or with no income – which is why they had to turn to the Foundation for adequate social assistance,” The First Lady said, stressing that the Foundation tries to never be in a position to say no to genuine requests, especially those related to medical assistance.


The Malta Community Chest Fund assists Maltese people when they would need to go abroad for treatment, mainly in the United Kingdom. Pictured Above, Mrs Vella and His Excellency Dr George Vella, President of Malta during a visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London


On Sunday from 12pm to 12am on all local TV stations, the people of Malta and Gozo are invited to Help the MCCFF Help Others in a Telethon which will also show success stories of exactly how the MCCFF reaches out during the time of need to help whoever knocks at its door.

Mrs Vella tells Bay that Sunday’s telethon was completely unplanned in that it was not in the calendar of events for this year, adding that “the current circumstances have led us to organise something, and organise it quickly, in the hope that we raise enough funds to see us through until Christmas. I hope this will be a one-off.”



Finally, Mrs Vella took the opportunity to appeal to the people of Malta and Gozo, for their generosity, not with her and with H.E. Dr George Vella, President of Malta, but to help all those who really need help, and the Foundation’s Assistance.



Here at Bay, we are proud to be supporting this noble initiative, and we join Mrs Vella in encouraging you all to donate where possible.

Before ending our Zoom call, Mrs M Vella had one final remark to pass on: “Your donation on Sunday, means the world to others!”