WATCH: “You Manage to Start My Day In a Good Way” – PM Robert Abela On Bay Breakfast


On the eve of World Disability Day, Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela is being accompanied on his engagements by a very special guest. The Prime Minister’s jam-packed day started off by picking up 19-year-old Naomi Pace Gasan who is joining the Prime Minister during his official commitments.

The Prime Minister’s first commitment after picking up Naomi, was a call on our very own Bay Breakfast with Daniel & Ylenia – but more about that later.



Naomi was born with Down’s Syndrome, has 3 sisters, and just became an aunt to Luca. She attends the Wardija Resource Centre where she learns life skills, gardening, job exposure, entrepreneurship, and more. Naomi is a very active person who enjoys travelling (also as part of Erasmus+ projects) and dancing and carries out a number of extracurricular activities, including attending Agenzija Zghazagh youth club, being part of the Down’s Syndrome Association and Malta Girl Guides Association.



During the phone call, the Prime Minister spoke of the importance of what he is doing today, to raise awareness about how important people with different abilities are across all strata of Maltese society, even at decision-making level, and also commended Daniel and Ylenia, admitting that he follows the show.



“I am actually a big fan of yours. You always manage to brighten up even the most problematic of days. I tune in to your show in between engagements, and you bring a smile to my face,” he said, further encouraging both our Daniel and Ylenia to continue bringing happiness to the people of Malta and Gozo.

Ylenia also sought the Prime Minister’s seal of approval for their recent endeavour with Ian Borg, when they were the first to inaugurate the latest Marsa Flyovers – an approval which the Prime Minister immediately gave!

Watch the call, in full below: