WATCH: Xilowna is ALL OF US Trying to Make a Commute Shorter, in Non-Legal Ways


In her latest TikTok, Xilowna has an encounter with a frivolous driver while she was driving onto a one-way street. During the heated and comical exchange, Xilowna decides to not bat an eye-lash or a loop earring, and proceed onto the one-way street.

Let’s face it, we have ALL done this at some point or other, especially if we are running late!



POV: Xilowna fil-karozza tipprova tqassar it-triq biex tasal iktar malajr #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #xilowna #xerowna #xemizin

♬ original sound – m i g u e l


Xilowna Spiteri Briffa was created by entertainer and actor Miguel Samuel during the partial lockdown back in March. With over 101.6k likes and 1.6 million views combined, Xilowna has made a name for herself with her witty catchphrases such as ‘Kif inhi di?’ and her iconic content which every Maltese person can relate to.



Since his first video, Miguel Samuel has gathered 11.8k followers and the opportunity to collaborate with some Maltese powerhouses such as our very own Pierre, Taryn and Jamie Cardona. He also had the staggering opportunity to appear in television interviews such as in Teeny Break and even on Bay Drive, where he took part in the Bay TikTok Challenge. At just 19, Miguel Samuel is also one of Malta’s first award-winning Tiktokers!



Xilowna ghal Bay Drive? 🤔👀 @migsamuel #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #897Bay #tiktokchallenge #xilowna #radio

♬ original sound – 89.7 Bay


Tiktok has spiralled Miguel onto new horizons and he told Bay that he is already working on exciting projects which will be announced very soon. It is safe to say that the Tiktok community is impatiently waiting for what’s to come for this young and energetic artist.

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