WATCH: Woman Makes Mini Laptop For Cat So He Stops Interrupting Her When Working


If you have a cat, then you know that somehow, they’re always magically drawn to your laptop every time you open it and sit down to work. But this woman has actually made a mini laptop for her cat and I am LIVING!!!



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♬ original sound – That bitch


Working from home might be the worst nightmare for some, but it’s absolute bliss for our furry friends in this ongoing pandemic. Naturally, though, we can’t give them attention 24/7 – and cats either want heaps of attention, nothing at all, or this weird ‘in-between’…



With this in mind, a TikToker has found the ‘purrfect’ way (I’ll show myself out for that) to distract our cats when working from home. After learning that cats sit on your laptop because they attempt to mirror you, this woman decided to give her cat his very own mini laptop! Awh!



He’s answering some very important emails ok #fyp #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – That bitch


More specifically, @mishidetalca made her grey cat a mini-MacBook, who in the video can be happily seen with his tiny laptop on the bed, while their owner sits on the other side of the bed with a human-sized laptop.



Hundreds of TikTokers with cats then tried this out, and it looks like it actually works in keeping our pets occupied… genius!


Kitty and his tiny computer. : aww


Other users have also been hilariously reacting to this idea, with one writing, ‘Someone’s bout to make a business out of this’, as another shared, ‘He’s ready to conquer the business world. Adorable!’

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