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WATCH: What Does Malta Sound Like?


Different aspects of Malta’s national identity are abundantly described in literature and visual arts such as film and video, illustrations and photos, but we never really talk about what Malta sounds like.

That is now about to change, as for the very first time ever you can put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes and transport yourself to “listen to Malta” from wherever you are in the world.



The crunch of pastizzi, or the people down Republic Street, or the waves in Marsalforn, or the opening of a Kinnie bottle, church bells, and even fireworks can easily be defined as sounds of Malta, and a group of Maltese artists have gotten together to combine them all in one massive collection.



“Sounds of Malta” is the name of the very first foley sound effects collection that includes over 100 high definition recordings of typical everyday life in Malta – from church bells pealing, to Festa fireworks and street market sounds, a very deliciously sounding crunch into pastizzi and the fizz of opening a can of beer.



All the samples are from original recordings with many typically Maltese sounds, and others that are more generic and can be used in any situation, such as the sounds of rain, thunder, and traffic noise.



“High quality samples like these are commonly used as digital instruments by music producers, or as sound effect layers in the film and video production industry”, explains Andrew Mizzi, one of the project’s founders. “We came up with this idea during the partial lockdown and have been working on it since then.”, continues his partner, Claude Spiteri Belcher.



Andrew and Claude are founders of Insynk, an arts collective specialising in music and visual productions. From studios based in Paola, the group works mainly on releasing new music and video productions for local and international artists, and has recently worked with Muxu, ANT and Luke Chappell, Carlo Gerada, Maxine and others.