WATCH: We Will Never Look at a Te fit-Tazza and a Pastizz In the Same Way Again


You know how you would be scrolling through your ForYou Page and you just see just different versions of Savage Love? Well, one content creator, Cedric Vee, has made sure that we actually sit through and watch his entire creation, featuring a Maltese combination, which just spells out perfection: Te fit-Tazza and a Ricotta Pastizz.

With some serious ASMR of the pastizz in the paper bag, the biting of the pastizz, milk going in the cup, and the clinking of the teaspoon, we sooo predict that this could become a hit if it’s turned into a proper track.



As he describes on the TikTok video, “the very intricate lyrics are: “Ftit halib, wahda zokkor” u “Te u pastizzi” ” (A little bit of milk, and one teaspoon of sugar and Tea and Cheesecakes! 

Well, while this certainly has gotten us in the mood for a proper tea and a pastizz, this guy deserves massive love for brightening up this stormy day!



The very intricate lyrics are: “Ftit halib, wahda zokkor” u “Te u pastizzi”#music #funnymalta #creative #sounds #foodmalta #passthemic

♬ original sound – Cedric Vee

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