WATCH: “We look forward to Coming Back to Malta Season after Season” – AppleTV+’s Foundation Producer, Michael Malone


Filming is currently underway at the Malta Film Studios for AppleTV+’s Sci-Fi Series, “Foundation,” which is making the full use of the world-renowned water tanks found at the studios, and some other key locations across Malta including Fort Manoel. Since Foundation is based in different worlds, with one of them being a water world, Malta was always part of the production team’s plans, but it was only after their scouting visit, that the true potential of Malta was discovered, as Michael Malone, the show’s producer explained to Bay News.

If Mr Malone’s name rings a bell, it’s because you may be familiar with some of his previous work including Jurassic Park III, Hulk, Snow White and the Huntsman, Life of Pi, and Fast and Furious 6 and 7.



“The factors that led us here was that the storyline required us to film on the water, in an ocean, and of course you want to control the environment where you are filming. We knew about Malta’s tanks, and we came here to look at the tanks, and it was then that we began to explore Malta with the Film Commissioner Johann Grech, and we found so many more locations, that we expanded from a two-week water shoot to a five-week filming schedule,” Michael Malone told Bay, adding that they love the skilled crews, the cast and the hotel, and they look forward to coming back to Malta season after season, especially after learning about what is next for the Malta Film Studios.



In fact, as the Maltese Film Commissioner Johann Grech stated during a special press event today, The Malta Film Studios will soon be having its own world-class sound stages which will definitely be a welcome addition to an already-exciting and world-class film studio experience. It is not the first time that Mr Grech has expressed his vision, which is that of creating a world-class film industry, as he feels that Malta has a product which everyone should be proud of.

Mr Grech also said that this is the first AppleTV+ series being produced in Malta, and he looks forward to welcoming more AppleTV+ series’ in the very near future.



We also spoke with David Goyer, who is the executive producer, screenwriter and Foundation’s showrunner, and who is best known for writing the screenplays to several superhero films, including the Blade trilogy, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mr Goyer spoke to us of the various challenge which they faced with the whole production, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the Malta Film Commission stepped in to ensure that everything can run as smoothly as it would normally do under normal circumstances.



“Like every production, we have encountered difficulties, and it has been a new way of filming,” Mr Goyer said, while also stating that when the new COVID-19 variant started emerging in the UK, they were worried that they would have to postpone filming till May or June “but the Film Commission and the Minister worked with us hand in hand, we were able to get waivers, we were able to get our cast and crew from the UK safely, on a chartered flight, having them also quarantined for 14 days.

“It’s been incredible. We were worried that we were going to have to shut down around Christmas time, but so far we’re on time, on budget, and we haven’t had a single shutdown because of COVID, and everything has been extremely safe, and we couldn’t have done it without the Film Commission,” Mr Goyer said.


Foundation is expected to hit our AppleTV+ screens in Autumn 2021. “Foundation” stars SAG Award winner and Emmy nominee Jared Harris as Hari Seldon; Lee Pace as Brother Day; Lou Llobell as Gaal; Leah Harvey as Salvor; Laura Birn as Demerzel; Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk; and Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn.

“Foundation” is executive produced by Robyn Asimov, David S. Goyer, Josh Friedman, Cameron Welsh, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross. The series is produced for Apple by Skydance Television.

Watch the video below to have a first-look at Foundation!


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