WATCH: Viral London Underground Singer performs on The Ellen Show!

A few days ago, on The Bay Drive, Pierre and Taryn spoke of one of the most viral videos doing the rounds last week. The video featured prankster Kevin Freshwater stopping random people at various London Underground Stations and challenging them to “finish the lyrics”.

One of these people was Charlotte Awbery, from Romford, London. Charlotte was stopped while she was on her way to meet a friend, and quickly racked up an international fan base. A singer by profession, Charlotte accepted the challenge and belted out Lady Gaga’s Shallow, and immediately wowed Kevin, and all those who watched the video.

Cut to a few days later, and Charlotte was flown out to Hollywood to perform on the Ellen Show.

Speaking to Ellen, she said that she was completely overwhelmed by the attention she got after the video hit social media.

The singer told Ellen her father had told to 'sing wherever she could,' which proved to be very good advice

‘I was literally on my way to meet my friend,’ Charlotte said, after singing the song for the audience.

‘I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all of this, thank you so much for having me,’ she added.

Ellen went on to list facts about Charlotte’s video, including the fact it was seen by six million people and helped Shallow re-enter the Top 40 on Itunes.

The presenter added that since the video, Charlotte’s Instagram following had skyrocketed to 466,000 followers, one of which is Ariana Grande – whom Charlotte followed back.

‘My dad always said to me: sing wherever you are,’ humble Charlotte said.

Vlogger Kevin Freshwater attended the show in the audience, and told Ellen: ‘I was out in London for about two weeks, approaching so many different random people and I came across Charlotte and she just blew me away.’

Kevin Freshwater (pictured) attended the show in the audience and told Ellen Charlotte blew him away with her vocal skills

At the end of the Interview, Ellen gifted Charlotte with a year-long free Tube pass and £10,000.


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