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WATCH: Viral Britain’s Got Talent Performance Brings Everyone to Tears and Gets Golden Buzzer

It’s only been a year since Malta’s very own Giorgia got the Golden Buzzer with her performance ‘Ten’, and this year’s season is not falling short on delivering amazing talent to our TV screens. A Britain’s Got Talent performance has been doing the rounds on our socials, and it’s one of the most heart-warming BGT performances we’ve ever watched.

Jade and younger brother Christian took the stage to introduce themselves and their act: A singing and sign language performance of crowd-pleaser “This is Me” from uber-popular movie The Greatest Showman.

She talks about her brother Christian as “a miracle who’s here to prove everything wrong.”

We weren’t sure what was happening at first, but when the other group members of ‘Sing Along With Us’ started joining in, let’s just say the waterworks were released. Check it out for yourself.

Sure enough, the emotional performance not only got a very long standing ovation from the crowd, and nothing but praise from the judges, but it also got David William’s Golden Buzzer, sending the group on straight to the semi-finals.

The unforgettable performance has garnered close to 2 million likes in just two days, and it’s safe to say that no one will be hearing the song ‘This is Me’ without picturing this rendition, ever again.

Well done to the whole team and we can’t wait to see you in the semi-finals!