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WATCH: Video Goes Viral Of Adorable Sugar Glider Flying In For A Hug


Cute animal video alert! And don’t worry, we guarantee this one is sure to pull at your heartstrings and make you go ‘Awhh’. Trust me.



This video of a tiny sugar glider floating its way into a human hand has gone viral, with this cute fluffy guy gliding in his way into thousands of viewer’s hearts.



The slow-motion really does the trick for me personally, with the little wiggle of his wings before hugging the finger of the person. What really makes this cute is how happy the sugar glider looks when he lands, closing his eyes up from relief.



Straight out of a Pixar movie, this human and sugar glider seemed to have formed a Ratatouille-type bond. I guess all it takes is for the person to reach out his hand for his furry friend to come gliding in! Unfortunately, it seems that they may not be the ideal pets though, as they have a low tolerance for loneliness and may die from lack of care.



Apparently, these little guys can also travel as far as one kilometre from their nests in search of food or mates, according to the World Animal Protection, with their homes range spreading as far as 17 acres!