WATCH: Unrecognisable! Footage Perfectly Captures Life In Gozo In The 1950s.

Many of us were born into a time that was already pretty technologically advanced. While some of us remember life before the internet and mobile phones, it is safe to say that the majority of us were born into an age that, at least, already had cars and washing machines.

Brian Azzopardi shared this footage of life in Gozo in 1953, which shows us just how much things have changed in Malta (well, Gozo) in under a century. The island, the people, and what they’re doing is almost alien to most of us … but it is oh so beautiful to get a tiny glimpse of how life was at the time. One thing is for sure, everyone looks so carefree. Take a look.

Our, my Gozo 1953. 67 years ago. (wait 5 seconds for it to start).

Publiée par Brian Azzopardi sur Dimanche 26 avril 2020

From beginning to end, the video is showing a life different from ours, yet some things still somewhat feel like home- Mgarr and the Mgarr harbour are unrecognisable.

Kids walking around with baskets of bread over their heads and women wearing l-ghonella.

Horse-drawn carriages as a main means of transport, and women working lace in the middle of the streets

Areas of untouched nature and women doing laundry in public washing basins.

Farmers working the land, fishermen showing off their catch of the day under splendours of gorgeous caves, and acres of green land.

Priests having a chat on a bench in the middle of the town square, and what looked like a quick quarrel between businessmen.

Empty beaches and men enjoying a beer in front of a local bar.

A lot has changed, and although very different, the video still captures an undying essence of Malta.

Although things are definitely different, you’ll still catch the odd group of elderly people chatting about on a bench in the middle of the town square. You’ll still find groups of men gather around at a local bar, sipping on te fit-tazza, or a pint of beer.