WATCH: Ukrainian “Let It Go” Girl Sings Ukraine’s National Anthem


7-year-old Amelia Anisovych performed the Ukrainian national anthem during a charity concert held last Sunday evening. 


Amelia recently went viral after she sang Frozen’s “Let It Go” in a bomb shelter in Ukraine. In the video, she was surrounded by a group of people sheltering from war. One of those people filmed the little girl singing “Let It Go”, and after sharing it on social media, Amelia quickly went viral.



Amelia took her talent to a larger audience after she sang her national anthem in front of thousands at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Anisovych. The charity concert called ‘Together with Ukraine” helped to raise funds to support the organization that helps victims of the war called Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH).


Amelia is currently staying with her grandmother in Poland. During an interview, she said: “I practice singing every day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I rehearse, and that is why it turned so well… It has always been my dream to sing.”