WATCH: Twin giant panda cubs born at Berlin Zoo

Germany’s first giant panda cubs have been born and their mother seems to be doing a wonderful job looking after the pink twins.

The zoo tweeted a video of Meng Meng holding and nurturing the two adorable cubs.

The first panda was born at 6:54 p.m. and approximately one hour later, the second baby arrived.

The sex of the babies is currently unknown, but the zoo confirmed that the cubs weigh 136 and 186 grams.

Meng Meng and her 9-year-old partner, Jiao Qing, are on loan from China, having arrived in Germany in 2017.

Berlin’s mayor Michael Muller congratulated staff at the city zoo.

He tweeted: ‘What fantastic news! The whole of Berlin is delighted about the new arrivals.’

Once the pandas no longer need their mother, they will be transported to China.

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