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WATCH: Twenty One Pilots Drops New Christmas Single


There’s just so much to love about the festive season! And since we can’t really celebrate this year as we normally do, we’re constantly finding new ways to (safely) keep our Christmas spirit up – and it looks like Twenty One Pilots are doing the same!


Nothing like one of your favourite bands releasing new music, especially when it’s a Christmas single! Twenty One Pilots announced their new single “Christmas saves the year” last night on Twitter and Instagram.



The song was written and recorded in Tyler Joseph’s home studio and as with the band’s other songs, it’s completely heartfelt and profound. Tyler sings about how despite the turbulent year we’ve had, “Christmas saves the year,” as people gather around together and focus on family and those things that truly matter.



“Everybody wants to make it home this year, even if the world is crumbling down”… With a sweet message and a catchy rhythm, this song is truly a suitable anthem for the not-so-normal Christmas of 2020, and is just what we need during these trying times!


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Reinventing alternative music and making us love them along the way, Twenty One Pilots never fail to amaze us, and their first Christmas single is no exception. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s bound to be stuck inside your head when you do!