WATCH: TV Hit Show ‘Deceduti’ Could Come Back..With A Twist!


Local Production House Take Two, the brains behind the hit shows Deceduti and Min Imissu, and also the brains behind the local movie Limestone Cowboy, have given a new life to Deceduti, not through a re-run, but through a reinvention, in English.



With a totally new cast, except for Mario Cassar, Deceduti, now renamed Happily Never After circles around party animal Percival Glanville Ormond. Desperate for cash he commits insurance fraud and from that money he builds himself a block of flats, leaving the ghosts of the area to unexpectedly share their haunts with living tenants.



Happily Never After follows the living and the dead’s troubles, love affairs, and the perennial struggle for both parties to somehow coexist. Benjamin and Percy’s deceased parents urge the other ghosts to withhold war, but for how long can they hold them off?



The show which has 52 episodes is now available for licensing, so that people all over the world can get the chance to see ‘Malta’s most popular series of all time,’ as it’s looking for a new home!



The cast includes Jo Caruana, Stephen Oliver, Jonathan Dunn, Anthony Edridge, Paul Falzon and Steffie Thake, who, under the direction of Abigail Mallia bring back the show from the dead, so to speak!



We still don’t know whether this version features a Gladys (and the parrot) but we would definitely be there ready with our popcorn to watch!

Photos: Take // Two


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