WATCH: Turtle Released Back Into Sea After Six Months Of Care

Six months ago, a turtle was found trapped in a fishnet in Marsalforn. The turtle was suffering some serious injuries at the time, and was taken to Malta to receive some much needed care and medical attention from specialised personnel.

Publiée par What’s going on Gozo sur Vendredi 26 juin 2020

Ffinally, after months of treatment, the turtle was fit enough to be released back to its natural habitat. They released it back into the wild earlier this morning at Ħondoq Ir-Rummien bay.

People of all ages gathered around to watch the turtle being released back into the sea. And we just love the carer cheering the little guy (or girl) on as it made its way back to the sea. The proud look on his face – priceless.

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