WATCH: Turtle-Mania Ensues As Bathers Spot Baby Turtles Swimming Out to Sea


Manny Buhagiar was enjoying a nice swim at Ramla Bay when all of a sudden, he noticed Baby Turtles at the shore, swimming out to sea, in what seems to be the latest episode of TurtleMania which hit Malta and Gozo this Summer.


Today Sept. 7/2020 I happen to be at Ramla Bay where I was shocked to see a few turtles at the shore of Ramla swimming out to sea and don’t ask me where they came from so I was very happy to see them

Publiée par Manny Buhagiar sur Lundi 7 septembre 2020


A representative for Nature Trust in fact told TVM that some 55 days ago they noticed a turtle swimming up to shore and heading back out to sea after less than half an hour.

The volunteers had looked for a nest but they didn’t find one so they thought the turtle did not create a nest. It turns out that it did, on the inner part of the bay.



At this point, Nature Trust cannot confirm how many eggs there were, and how many of them hatched. He told TVM that they will allow for two days until they will examine the nest properly.

This year, there were in all six turtle nests around Malta and Gozo, as well as another nest, which had not been discovered or accounted for, in St Thomas Bay, and which unfortunately resulted in the baby turtles being found dead.


Footage: Manny Buhagiar on Facebook