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WATCH: Turtle Makes its Way Back To The Sea After Some TLC from Nature Trust Malta

Bathers at Ghajn Tuffieha were in for a treat this morning, as Dodo, a Loggerhead Turtle which was rescued in August 2019 after swallowing a hook and a line, was released back into the sea, after a year of TLC by Nature Trust Malta.

Publiée par Adopt a Turtle sur Vendredi 31 juillet 2020

Nature Trust said that today is a big day for everyone who helped this guy out, but an “even bigger one for our DODO who will be going back home very soon.” In a touching moment, locals and tourists alike, as well as Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia were at Riviera to wave goodbye and sayonara to Dodo – whose excitement was evident judging by the speed with which it headed towards the water.

Dodo was one of the turtles for which Nature Trust collected sponsorship donations from the people of Malta and Gozo, who, thanks to their generosity, funded its rescue – which led to today’s release, a year later. Meanwhile, a word to everyone out there, next time you decide to throw away something you don’t need in the sea, think of these defenseless creatures, and how giving your act the second thought, can lead to them having less risks.