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WATCH: Trump claims Maltese surname Buttigieg is ‘unpronounceable’

The shade of it all…. THE SHADE!!!

Current president of the USA has officially named ultra popular Maltese surname ‘Buttigieg’ unpronounceable.

“They call him Mayor Pete because no one can pronounce his last name.”

In a nutshell, Trump goes onto a mini rant of how ridiculous Buttigieg is as a surname.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve suddenly gotten the urge to hear President Trump have a go at pronouncing the following surnames…

  • Schembri
  • Busuttil
  • Xerri
  • Aquilina
  • Cuschieri
  • Xiberras
  • Cachia
  • Xuereb
  • Buhagiar
  • Ciantar
  • Seichel
  • Axisa
  • Bugelli

The list goes on really …

Which surname do you think Trump would find real hard to pronounce?

Let us know in the comments….