WATCH: Tom & Jerry Are Making a Comeback in 2021!!!


The world’s most famous frenemies, Tom and Jerry, will be making quite the comeback as they take to New York to wreak havoc in the big apple in an upcoming live-action movie, set to hit theatres in 2021.




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The hybrid live-action and animated film, which sees the 2 square off in an upscale New York Hotel, as it follows Tom and Jerry, who have had it out for each other for the past 80 years – and well, it looks like it doesn’t stop there…



The scheming little mouse, Jerry, accommodates himself into the hotel’s moulding – but a ready-to-prove-herself employee, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, is trusted with the challenging task of his eviction. And so, she turns to predatorial evolution as she introduces Tom into the picture – but if you’re a true fan, then you must know that the cat never really gets his way…



The true blast-to-our-past movie is set to hit theatres next spring in 2021, in hopes that the pandemic cases will improve by then – with Michael Pena, Colin Jost, and Ken Jeong co-starring alongside Hanna-Barbera characters.

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