WATCH: “To Me Songs are Like Models, They Look Nice in Anything They Wear” – Van Gio on Malta’s Top 10


Earlier this week, on Malta’s Top 10, Jake had Van Gio as his special guest. You may remember Van Gio as Giovanni from X Factor Malta. If that doesn’t jog your memory then we will just mention, a cowboy hat, a reinvention of a song, and 7th Wonder.



In fact, on the whole X Factor Experience, Van Gio described it as a priceless experience: “I learned a lot, and I was gutted that I had to be eliminated.” Then when Jake asked him to pinpoint that one moment, that one performance which he will always remember, Van Gio gave the answer which probably most of us would have.

“7th Wonder is the memory which I will always cherish and will always remember,” he said, adding that the reaction from the crowd on the day of the Six-Chair Challenge, in which he had succeeded in getting one of the famed seating spots, was something out of this world.



On whether he would take part again in any local competition, Van Gio confessed that he is really not a competitive person, and in fact, shared his belief that “there is a time and a place to take part in a competition.”

Finally, even though his chosen X Factor attire MIGHT have given it away, Van Gio said that he loves classic country music, such as Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, and he in fact, uses country music as inspiration, in the sense that, country songs are often simple in nature, and they are still very successful.

“I believe that songs are like models – irrespective of what clothes you give them to wear, they will always look good,” he said, and this is exactly what he does when he reinvents a song, such as was the case with 7th Wonder.



Van Gio is currently in Malta’s Top 10 with his latest single Loson’ Sleep. Tune in on Monday at 9pm to see how Malta’s finest are gonna place, as Jake counts down Malta’s Top 10.