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WATCH: TikToker Hilariously Shows What Maltese Think Guests Are Going To Do As Soon As They Enter Their Home

Enter any Maltese home and you’re bound to hear it – “Taghtix kas l-imbarazz ta’ … which will mostly leave you baffled,  since no matter where you turn your head to, you never manage to find one single speck of dust, and everything is neatly put away.

It’s almost as if we think people are going to inspect our house for dust upon arrival.

One Maltese TikToker captured the perfect essence of this in one of his latest TikToks, and if I’m being honest, I couldn’t stop laughing.

The part of him sitting on a chair and standing up because he “felt the dust” just floored me!

@kylexiikiKif jahsbu li genituri li ha jamlu il guests meta nilqawom go dar ##parentslove♬ original sound – kylexiiki

And even though this guy was only talking about his parents, I honestly think this is something every Maltese homeowner does – and it’s absolutely hilarious.

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